Burger Recipes For The Family’s Foosball Game Day

Family bonding is crucial in the physical and emotional development of children. Despite the busy schedule you have to create time for your family members where people relax and enjoy what they love as a team. The best place for such a team building session is in an outdoor event where you get to play a game and enjoy a great meal. A foosball game day is a perfect time for it involves less physical activity and all family members have a fan. When children and parents compete against each other and laugh together when one wins or make a mistake has an impact on social development. Burgers are the best meals at such time due to the nutritive value and less cumbersome to carry around as you play foosball. This physical activity and healthy food ideal for the family ensure one is relaxed away from the daily routine.

Why is playing foosball as a family bonding the best option?

•    It is a form exercise that helps to get rid of excess fats in the body hence making one healthy

•    You get to relax and unwind with your loved ones as you share your troubles and successes

•    It enhances communication between family members

•    Teaches children how to be tolerant – a life skill ideal for their growth is

•    Competitions are healthy in the social and emotional wellbeing of the family members

What are some of the healthy burger recipes for foosball game day?

The burger is a complete meal that gives you all the three food nutrients required by the body- proteins, vegetables, and starch. You also have an option for either the vegetable or the meat burgers depending on your taste. Strict vegetarians will have something to fill up their stomachs.

Bacon and kimchi burger

This is a thinly cut bacon slice with a sauce of choice and kimchi as an accompaniment. If you opt for a homemade burger you can replace kimchi with your vegetable of choice and still get the best taste.

Cheeseburgers and barbeque chicken

If your family members love cheese and chicken then consider this recipe. The chef grills the chicken parts and grills it on either wood or gas or electric griller. At the same time, he separately prepares the cheese meal – all these are the fillers to the scones or bread. The vegetable of choice is an added food to make it a balanced diet.

Beef, egg, and cheeseburgers

When you want to have a taste of beef then this is the best recipe for you. You cut the beef into slim pieces to fit in the burger. You can opt to grill or smoke or fry them as you prepare the cheese with the egg as a combination. Choose a vegetable of choice lettuce, cabbage, carrot, eggplant are just but some examples to act as filler. You are now free to enjoy your meal. You have unlimited options for a burger, you just have to understand your need at that time. Is it pork, chicken, beef, bacon, or fish? The method of preparation also varies as long as it is not stewed. You can grill or smoke or fry. The rest of the ingredients do not require cooking. It is just upon you to be creative enough on the presentation and the quantity that will accompany the burger and your family will appreciate your effort. These meals can also be easily prepared at home as long as you have the right cooking appliances and ingredients.