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Ever thought of your local fast food chain providing shower rooms for its employees? Well, it is time for employers can incorporate healthy life skills” for their employees making it possible for them to walk to work and exercise during breaks. Fast foods are very busy outlets where employees move from time to time hence, providing shower facilities for them were taking a shower can make them feel fresh, can be an added advantage. Other reasons why fast food chains should provide shower rooms for their employees are;
• To incorporate fitness into their daily routines. Employees will be active in their daily shifts knowing they can always freshen up during their breaks
• For purposes of promoting the overall sanitation of fast food. Employees who might not have had the chance to take a shower before starting their duty or some who may have cycled long distances to get to work often arrive sweaty like anyone would be after a workout. Taking a shower gives such employees an opportunity to clean up and sanitize themselves in readiness for their duties.
• Increased health benefits for employees. When employers install showers at the workplace, they are in turn encouraging employees to be more active and more engaged as in fast food outlets. As such, employees are bound to enjoy greater health advantages.
• Increased employee output or productivity- shouldn’t employees arrive for work already showered and ready for their day? In most cases, yes, but there are cases where a shower in a fast food setting could increase an employee’s productivity given the busy nature of the industry.
• Employees will treat it as one of their perks, thus maximizing its availability. The fast-paced nature of fast foods requires constant freshness only provided by the convenience that shower rooms provide.

Employers can choose the best shower room essentials like shower heads, curtains and sinks online by observing the following guidelines.

A good shower head should
• Complement the bathroom decor Should also be as per the company’s preference
• Be easy to install. Some have complicated installation processes so it is important to bear this in mind
• Bear long-lasting capabilities, for example, the material and the finish
• Have a good design that matches with other accessories in the bathroom.

A good sink should
• Have a perfect fit
• Be made from a stain-resistant material
• Have no hiding places for algae, grime, and mold
• Be easy to clean.

Finally, a good shower curtain should
• Be mold and mildew resistant
• Have double reinforced holes for shower rings
• Have a variety of texture for you to choose from
• Be billow proof. This prevents the curtain from clinging to one’s body while showering
• Be the right fit in both length and width
• Should be regularly cleaned. As employers, you have to keep cleanliness in mind. For keeping the shower room clean, one thing to keep in mind is how do you clean a shower head.

In conclusion, the need to have shower rooms for fast food chain employees can be seen to be highly beneficial as highlighted above. Employers should, therefore, seek to implement such recommendations for the benefit of their workforce as well as their organizations.

The morning rush will never end without bumping into some wrinkled clothes. The question is how fast will you get your clothes straightened? Imagine waking up, taking that quick shower, an amazing breakfast the Boom! Wrinkled clothes. This calls for a fast and efficient method to get clothes de-wrinkled. How do you get wrinkles out of your fast food uniform? You can decide on which method suits you perfectly. Let’s have a look at how you can simply solve this problem.

1. Flatiron your clothes
This is a fast and most suitable method you can use to your benefit. Using an iron removes small wrinkles that may have build up after laundry. Later on, you can remove any product deposit and make your Uniform stand out from the rest. However, you must consider the temperatures and the type of material your uniform is made from. It can either be cotton which requires high heat or silk which will work well with less heat. Some uniforms are not meant for ironing please check before moving forward with this procedure, to avoid damaging your amazing outfit.

2.Blow drying your uniform
To remove wrinkles from your clothes you can blow hot dry air through the uniforms fibers. This automatically straightens the cloths. A simple method to use if you can’t use iron on the cloths.

3. Garment Steamer
Talking about a totally fast method to get this don. This method works perfectly. The stream makes way through the fiber allowing it to relax and straighten. In addition, you have various options to choose from You can use the bathroom stream or opt for the kettle steam. Did you know you can use tea steam to straighten your uniform? Tea steam from a kettle makes all the difference. Running it through your hanging cloth works even better.

4.Using ice cubes
At some point, you will find this odd, but it works perfectly. Working on both wrinkled clothes and unpleasant bed sheets. All you have to do is throw a wrinkled shirt with a couple of ice cubes in a dryer. And wait for a while. The ice cubes will melt producing steam which de-wrinkles the cloth making it straight. You will be amazed at the outcomes once you have removed your cloth from the dryer.

5. Using a damp towel
It sounds unrealistic but it works perfectly once you put it to practice. Place your wrinkled uniform on a clean table or floor, using the damped towel press the uniform flat on the table. The cloth will be moistened making it easily straighten. Once you have removed the damped towel allow evaporation to work its magic. The cloth will be de-wrinkled but you can make your work fast by using a dryer to dry your cloth after it has been straightened. Wrinkled clothes look nasty and unpleasing to the eyes. No matter your resources, one way on the other you can improvise the methods above to produce a pleasing results.No excuse for that wrinkled uniform, save your self the time and trouble.

Power generators are really necessary tools for every company. Generally, we are using the word power generator for an electric generator. An electric generator is a really useful piece for generating electric and the other powers. People use them effectively. Because sometimes there may not appear an electric current or wires. Also, we can use them for mobile things and mobile vehicles. But how these devices can generate electricity and what is the effect of this on our jobs? How Does A Generator Work? Absolutely we know this from our physic lessons creating energy from nothing is impossible.

So generators cannot do this Actually, an electric generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. Yes, it is true. A power generator cannot create any energy but it can convert one of them to another For electric generators generally, they use mechanical energy and convert it to electric energy. The principle that used in these generators is electromagnetic induction. This is a principle that discovered by Michael Faraday at 1831 — 1832.

Faraday discovered if electric charges flow along a magnetic area The moving can generate some electric. That means if you create a magnetic field you can also generate electric by moving. There is just one power used. This called magnetic force. Magnetic force gives acceleration to plates. This makes some mechanical energy then the generator change it to electric energy. What Does It Do for Food Production? Food production is too much hassle.

You should think about a lot of things. And the hardest part of this job is carrying foods from somewhere to somewhere. This is really sensitive. You cannot carry them like furniture. Because you should be sure about their safety and they will be safe when they arrive. But if you are not protecting them they will spoil. Every food except honey will protect on the room temperature. But if you can cool this place this process can wait some more hours. Yes, you have some methods to cool the area that you put the foods. Generally, it is on the truck. Also, you need electricity. But you cannot connect to electricity by wires on the tight spot network line.

Like this situations, you can use these power generators. In this way, you can cool the truck and you can protect your production to spoil for a long time This is the biggest problem on the food production is absolutely transportation. If Power Failsln the food sector, the continuity is so important thing. You have some storage places to storage foods and you cannot leave them without electricity. If power fails unexpectedly you should surely be prepared for this You should have one of the power generators on the distribution centers. Also, you should have them on the baking center. Whatever you are doing in the food sector you need to power generators. Even you have a network electric line. Especially if you are an ice cream seller you have to have an electric generator. This is for or the exact same reason with food transportation trucks.

Massage is the toggling of the muscles and joints through the use of the fingers and other means to ease muscle pressures and discomforts in the body. One of the discomforts of the body is indigestion — one of the most common health challenges affecting many individuals.

Indigestion may chiefly be part of the issue where there is sensations of abdominal fullness without visible distention, nausea with or without vomiting, abdominal pain above the navel. It is also the case when there are burping and incessant belching, and a sensation of fullness after eating every small amount of food.

These symptoms can be very discomforting. These tensions can be eased through massage.

Generally, massage is a potent force that is exceptionally helpful in the quest to reduce stress without the use of drugs. It further improves circulation in the body and increases the flexibility of the muscles and joints of the body. It nevertheless, reduce inflammation, reduces fatigue and boosts our daily performance at work or home.

Massage has been recorded to be exceptionally contributing to the restoration of mobility to muscles and the feelings of rejuvenation and improves performance at the gym. lt, however, has special benefits to the digestive system Massage indirectly make digestive functions normal by normalizing the nervous system. When a person is experiencing some of the symptoms of indigestion, massage therapy is very important to normalize the automatic-nervous system.

While the toggling of the muscles and joints around the body would be going on the digestive function is being eased of bloating and abdominal pains. Massage helps improve digestion by improving the quality of the intestines and stimulates peristalsis, that which can aid in the relief of constipation and/or diarrhea. During ingestions, the gastrointestinal organs, primarily the stomach and first part of the small intestine function abnormally. This is a chronic situation that the warning sign change in occurrence and force.

This occurrence is eased with quality massage as it has the stimulating effects on digestive organs. Therefore, massage can improve indigestion through the stimulation of peristalsis and improving the quality of the intestine.

Massage therapy is exceptional at contributing to the improvement of mixing actions in the body. Mixing actions in the body relate to reducing adrenergic effects in the body otherwise called, antiadrenergic to improve the health quality of the person involved.

When a person is having the digestive disorder and probably take some drugs to calm the body, massage helps in reducing the adverse effects of such drugs while at the same working to improve digestion. For that reason, massage improves digestion.

Therefore, it is pretty simple to answer whether massage improves digestion or not The obvious answer is to examine the health benefits of massage to the digestive system then one can determine an answer suitable for the question.

So far, without ambiguity, it is clear and distinct that massage can improve digestion. When you experience n indigestion, taking a massage therapy may speed up the rate of recovery from the trauma of indigestion.

Everyone has to go at least once in a day to a burger shop or a cafe. Some may have to spend 2 or 3 hours per day in there for their snacks or leisure. If you are a freelancer or photo editor than you have to work there to remove your boredom at work. But there are two kinds of option for you. You can either spend time in a burger shop or in a cafe. but what would be the best place for you especially if you are a photo editor? Today I am going to discuss some benefits and disadvantages of both of them.


1)TIME: Time is the crucial element in jobs like this. In some serious task, you have to work continuously for 4 to 5 hours. But Cafe is quite a busy place. They won’t give you this much time to a single customer. At highest you will only get 1 hour time which is not even fulfilled half of you demand.

But the burger shop is not that much busy. Even by only buying Some light snacks you will be able to work there for 5 to 6 hour without any trouble. You will also be able to buy heavy snacks or your meal in case you are planning to do your long task there from morning to dusk. So in my perspective, for time-related issues, burger shop is much more Trendline then cafe.

2)NOISE: As I said earlier, Cafe is quite a busy place. So they are most of the time noisy. But editing pictures required a lot of concentration which cannot be given on a site like this. But most burger shops maintain a rule about keeping noise minimal; the even forbid any customer who makes too much noise. So forgiving full concentration in your work there can be no better place than burger shop.

3)Wi-Fi: To submit your photo or to receive it from the person who has hired you, it will require a continuous and stable internet connection. In some cases, you may need to download some new photo editing and professional tools or have to use any online editor. That means you will need a WiFi connection with decent speed.

But almost 30 people in average use WiFi in the cafe continuously which creates a lot of network jamming and slow internet connection. Many Cafe doesn’t even set a password. So a lot of people who are not also customers, use it simultaneously. Sometime you won’t be able to submit your work on time. This may even be the cause of losing your job.

Most of the burger shop have highly password protected wifi, and their range is confined within the shop. So you will get decent speed on your laptop and will be able to communicate with your hirer.

From this discussion we see, for doing the job in outdoor, there can be no better place than burger shop as it will provide all your requirements especially if you are a photo editor. So bring a laptop to edit pictures in a burger shop instead of the cafe and remove your boredom and work with the refreshed mind.

The hamburger has been a part of the American DNA for centuries. It is about time we celebrated this great symbol of freedom. It is with pride that I present the burger and ping pong party.
Why a burger party
This event is organized to educate and expose all Americans out there on the types and flavors of burgers available throughout the fifty states. Our event also brings together patriots from all over America. This is an excellent opportunity to meet, mingle and bond with others as opposed to having a lovely lunch in a diner. It is time to build contacts
There is also an opportunity for our guests to experiment with flavor and create their burgers.
There are also other activities including ping pong; both doubles and singles. How we plan to host the burger party and ping pong
Burgers: we have a rich selection of burgers prepared in endless flavors. We have the cheeseburger, the beef burger, elk burger, the mushroom burger, the turkey burger, the veggie burger, the bison burger, the wild salmon burger and the black bean burger. These hamburgers will be available in various flavors including traditional and contemporary.
Fun activities: the event will be packed with fun activities including eating contests and ping pong equipment rolled in the yard. We have a ping pong tournament aimed at giving our guests an opportunity to bond with fellow attendees. There are numerous things a ping pong ball can do. The eating contest and ping pong are open to all our guests.
Food and drinks: Plenty of food and drinks will be available. Of course our subject, the hamburger will be available in plenty, we will also have a ton of other bites including chicken, barbeque, fries and an endless menu of snacks. The drink department has not ignored all kinds of beverages will be available including soda, beer, coffee, tea, and juices.
Child-friendly activities: the burger party and ping pong are perfect for the family set up. The kids won’t be left behind. We have a ton of child-friendly activities to keep the kids happy; bouncing castles, magic shows, treasure hunts and more. The children will have a blast and give their parents an opportunity to focus on themselves.
Burger Tasting Games
New flavors of burgers will be available. Contestants of the burger tasting games shall be required to taste burger while blindfolded. After which the contestant will be asked to guess the contents of the burger. The host will then reveal the ingredients of the burger to determine whether the contestant was right.
Who Is This Event Meant For
The burger party and ping pong is an event perfect for everyone. It is a good outing for the family, for couples and singles. With all the fun activities for the kids in a safe and loving environment, we give the parents an opportunity to bond. Couples also have time to build on their bonds at the ping pong table. The singles shall not be left behind as they get avenues to meet and mingle with fellow singles.
The burger party and ping pong is a jam-packed event that celebrates American excellence through food; the hamburger. The aim of this event is to meet, to eat and to play (ping pong).

Bob’s Atomic Burger’s community involvement creates what we call meaningful marketing. We don’t spend money on traditional marketing, only BABS would benefit from that money spent. Instead, meaningful marketing helps put money back into our community, through ad placements in the Ore Digger, the Golden Transcripts and also through sponsoring local athletic and music departments. The fundraising events we host are a key part of our marketing strategy. Fundraising and donating gets our name out there, Bob’s vision is that one day, all Golden businesses will take on this approach by giving money back to our schools, community and local nonprofits.
BABS success has been based on our fundraising partnerships and the relationships we’ve made with those in our community.

  • Mitchell Elementary School
  • Free Horizon Montessori
  • Compass Montessori
  • Animal Assisted Therapy Program
  • Golden Backpack Program
  • Mountaineering Museum
  • Central Jeffco Young Life
  • Golden Action Christian Guild
  • Golden Rescue Fund
  • Golden Fire Department
  • Pleasant View Elementary


Hamburger – $5.25
Grilled Chicken Sandwich – $6.25
Fried Chicken Sandwich – $6.25
Quinoa Burger – $6.25
Double Burger – $7.75

Hot Dogs – $2.75


French Fries – Sm: $2.00, Lg: $3.00
Onion Strings: Sm: $2.40, Lg: $3.50

Kid’s Meals – $4.50*
*(Comes with Side and drink)

Hot Dog

Sandwich FREE toppings

  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Pickles
  • Pickled Jalapeno’s

Hot Dog FREE Toppings:

  • Relish
  • Chopped Onions
  • Pickled Jalapeno’s
  • Banana Peppers

Kids Meal FREE Toppings:

  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Onion

Additional Toppings $1.00:

    • Grilled Onions
    • Grilled Mushrooms
    • Guacamole
    • Sauerkraut
    • Grilled Green Chili’s
    • Bacon
    • Egg
    • Cheddar Cheese
    • American Cheese
    • Swiss Cheese
    • Bleu Cheese Crumbles
    • Pepper Jack Cheese

Milkshakes – $4.50*
Malts – $5.00*
*Chocolate or Vanilla