Day: September 26, 2018

Everyone has to go at least once in a day to a burger shop or a cafe. Some may have to spend 2 or 3 hours per day in there for their snacks or leisure. If you are a freelancer or photo editor than you have to work there to remove your boredom at work. But there are two kinds of option for you. You can either spend time in a burger shop or in a cafe. but what would be the best place for you especially if you are a photo editor? Today I am going to discuss some benefits and disadvantages of both of them.


1)TIME: Time is the crucial element in jobs like this. In some serious task, you have to work continuously for 4 to 5 hours. But Cafe is quite a busy place. They won’t give you this much time to a single customer. At highest you will only get 1 hour time which is not even fulfilled half of you demand.

But the burger shop is not that much busy. Even by only buying Some light snacks you will be able to work there for 5 to 6 hour without any trouble. You will also be able to buy heavy snacks or your meal in case you are planning to do your long task there from morning to dusk. So in my perspective, for time-related issues, burger shop is much more Trendline then cafe.

2)NOISE: As I said earlier, Cafe is quite a busy place. So they are most of the time noisy. But editing pictures required a lot of concentration which cannot be given on a site like this. But most burger shops maintain a rule about keeping noise minimal; the even forbid any customer who makes too much noise. So forgiving full concentration in your work there can be no better place than burger shop.

3)Wi-Fi: To submit your photo or to receive it from the person who has hired you, it will require a continuous and stable internet connection. In some cases, you may need to download some new photo editing and professional tools or have to use any online editor. That means you will need a WiFi connection with decent speed.

But almost 30 people in average use WiFi in the cafe continuously which creates a lot of network jamming and slow internet connection. Many Cafe doesn’t even set a password. So a lot of people who are not also customers, use it simultaneously. Sometime you won’t be able to submit your work on time. This may even be the cause of losing your job.

Most of the burger shop have highly password protected wifi, and their range is confined within the shop. So you will get decent speed on your laptop and will be able to communicate with your hirer.

From this discussion we see, for doing the job in outdoor, there can be no better place than burger shop as it will provide all your requirements especially if you are a photo editor. So bring a laptop to edit pictures in a burger shop instead of the cafe and remove your boredom and work with the refreshed mind.